Key West, Florida
October 2002

Living in Key West

Ron Barrett and his passion - flying.

"Best deal in Key West - $89 per hour - WET!

. . . if you want to fly your self.

Other wise, try my friend E. P. Dalton."


Full 'exposure' to Key West.

E. P. Dalton - call 305-296-9890 or see him at the Blue Lagoon Motel mooring.

See Key West and be seen in F.B.D.E.P. Dalton's Highside Ultralights, Key West, Florida

William Eubank & Ron Barrett

Feeding the fish and ourselves @ Billies

Ron Barrett - the man that 'preserved' Key West

Ron at home near the golf course - on Stock Island just North of Key West.

Ron learned to sail her at Key West's Sailing Club, in Garrison Bight - Key West, Florida.

Ron Barret with Walter Schurtenberger
@ Multihull Technologies Inc.
"What have you been teaching this boy Ron?"

Ron, Goette' and Barb at Walter Schurtnberger's Multihull Technologies, Inc.
"Those were the days my friend . . ." Ron with house-mate Barb at home in Key West.

At the "office"
Just another day on the beach.


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