Ron Barrett
Field Testing Engineering Work

Barrett has spent more than a decade conducting Renewable Energy (RE) engineering research, development & testing (RD&T) on materials and systems' O&M for solar and wind. Ron's RD&T lab and test facilities are in Central Missouri (38degrees+ N latitude) and Key West, Florida (23degrees+ N latitude).Side Note: Sun altitude is 23+degrees June 21, so Key West is at that time “solar equatorial.”

Barrett began the tests in the Florida Keys because both excellent solar and wind conditions exist there as well as there is a harsh corrosive (saltwater) environment.

Working with Constellation Yacht's Inc. Walter Schurtenberger, President ( ) Barrett conducted/conducts to this day solar photonic and wind engineering tests of oligomeric coatings, and airfoil fluid dynamics (aerodynamics) with Walter. Barrett's speciality RD&T is in vertical axis turbines (Savonius), low Reynolds numbers, turbulent-vortical flow: i.e.Von Karman vorticies/vortex sheets (unsteady separation of flow of a fluid around blunt bodies). Ref Wikipedia: Karman vortex sheet.

Here is a picture of one of the Sebago day charter catamaran fleet yachts designed and built by Walter Schurtenberger. Barrett and Schurtenberger go over CFD elements together (computational fluid dynamics) about their latest RD&T on Walt's Marine (in the water) turbines for Renewable Energy (RE) power generation and ASWE's TM Advanced Compound Savonius (ACSS TM ) for Solar & Wind tied RE generation systems.

A signed joint Intellectual Property Agreement allows the two companies (AmericanSolarWindEnergy TM aka ASWE TM LLC and Constellation Yachts Inc. of Key West ) to work on proprietary and special projects together, to the benefit of both.

Inbetween marine related testing Barrett conducted coating's tests on oceanic-atmosphericly exposed facilities such as the Monroe County Historic Court House and the Boca Chica Naval Air Station's “Navigator's” Bar&Grill refrigeration system.

On the Monroe County Court House the coatings were preservation clear type that were in compliance with historic brick building protection.The coating stopped moisture intrusion (by salt ladden damp air) and stopped the growth of green algae/mold on the brick (shady area) surfaces. These coating just passed their ten-year metric and are working as proposed (2002 to 2013).

Additonal Key West testing on the Higgs Beach Park, Hand Ball concrete court show that the coating applied thereon, has mitigated algae/mold growth on the test area, at soil level, also more than ten-years (2002 to 2013).

On the left is the one-foot wide strip 15ft long, Barrett coated ten years+ ago, still mitigating algae/mold growth on the outdoor concrete. The treated strip appears much lighter in color because it is not full of algae/mold growth.

On the right (looks dark gray) is the general court area of play and it is suffering from sustained algae/mold growth. The walls are salmon colored.

Barrett set-up AWEA's TM ACSS#8 TM vertical axis wind turbine on Stock Island at Walter Schurtenberger's shop to gain tribology field test data on the Igus (of Germany) supplied bearings. NOAA had informed Barrett to expect a 10mph easterly wind rather consistantly over the year. Barrett could not get consistant wind at his home location in central Missouri, so in order to gain statistically valid data he trucked the compound turbine to Key West and set-up a test site

Barrett stands here with ASWE's TM ACSS#8 TM in-front of Walter Schurtenberger's newest yacht, “Cassiopeia” on Stock Island Industrial Park, at Key West, Florida.

The "CASSIOPEIA" also called "C-LIFE" is a 65 ft luxury live aboard catamaran.  The boat was designed by Walter Schurtenberger.  She is a very fast and comfortable long distance cruiser.  She was designed with blue water passage making in mind and is capable of carrying every imaginable commodity. What a beautiful cat! FOR SALE too. Contact:

Barrett travels from the Florida Keys to the southern California Tehachapi's studying Renewable Energy (RE) solar & wind systems and conducting engineering field tests. Barrett uses central Missouri as the mid-latitude test zone, operating three identical, built to code structures, with solar powered Omega Engineering systems data loggers recording parameters on 12 channels every 120 seconds, 24/7 when employed. Additionally three wireless weather stations provide co-related meteorological data. The three primary facilities are supported by his lab located testing and computer systems

Due to the sometimes very violent weather on the plains, Test Facilities #1, #2 and #3 are strapped to the ground and externally braced. To date the three Test Facilities have withstood sustained winds above 70 mph.

Barrett uses both fixed and hand held anemometers to record wind turbulent velocities and turbulence.

Solar & Wind materials are mounted on the Test Facilities so as to provide “real” performance data

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