Ron Barrett
Ret USAF Navigator-Bombardier

Ron Barrett Ret USAF Navigator-Bombardier with former USN Photo Specialist, Ron Strong at the USAF Air Museum, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio in front of the C-124C like Barrett navigated for Viet Nam Combat support.


Barrett during the Vietnam war years flew more than 900 hour a year combat support. He had over 3,000 hours of combat support time.

Although first trained as a Nuclear Radar-Bombardier to go to the B-47 and B-58, Barrett spent most of his active duty in the C-124C.

In the late 60's Barrett came out of active duty and went in to the USAF Reserves, to become a fully qualified "Tactical Missions Navigator" in C-119G and later C-119K converted Gunships that were flown to Vietnam.

In the civilian world Barrett became a Flight Crew Ground Instructor for TWA and taught crews from around the world in the airlines' new jets. Barrett participated in the certification of the B-747 and Lockheed L-1011.

He also was one of the first "anti-terrorist" instructors in the airlines due to his military background. He not only taught civilain pilots he taught many crews for Air Force One.

Barrett now flys as a civilian pilot when he gets the time.





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