As the President of the Air Force Navigators Association USAF Ret RadarNavBomb Ron Barrett inset the AF Navigators' History for the AF/History Offices/HRA/Air University/AF Academy and a number of aviation museums.

Barrett created, edited and published to date the only AF Navigators' Time Line, All Navs-All Types, (EWO,WSO, Bombardier, etc) History Programs & Museum displays.

Ron receives the 11,000 pdf page thumb drive he
compiled and Edited creating the AF Navigators'
Comprehensive History, from Media Services Co.

Here Ron is in the USAF 479 th Flight Training Group J-1 Jayhawk Combat Systems Officer simulator learning how the new CSOs are trained. The 479 th FTG is located on Pensacola-Naval Air Station. The AF&USN train their “other cockpit officer” crewmembers at NAS-P. No longer are “legacy-navigators” trained in the Air Force as the GPS, GPS/Inertial and integrated systems have replaced the “Navigator.”

Barrett is now working to have the first crossing of the North Atlantic Ocean by the US Navy's aeroplane NC-4 celebrated at the 100 th Anniversary in summer 2017 because this was the initiation of the use of the oceanic and long range aircraft flight navigator and all of international travel that followed.

Ron has also petitioned the USPS to issue a stamp set celebrating Flight NAVIGATORs & NAVIGATION

Just prior to WWII the Army Air Corps hired PanAmerican's Lead Navigator Dr. Charles Lunn of Key West, Fl to establish for the forthcoming Army, a Navigators school at Miami University, followed by the immediate creation of Bombardier schools across the US. Over 250,000 navs & bombardiers of all types have flown in the US military.


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