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The most significant R&D is now accomplished on Stock Island, at the Constellation Yacht's MultiHull Facility. The current ACSS materials and tribology tests are on going there. Reference the ASWE pictures above.

ASWE Aerodynamically conforming RAM'd Patented Flex-WVGs that are Reynolds number dependent.

ASWE photovoltaic systems irradiation material test site 24N latitude Florida Keys. Hybrid SolarPV systems designs are data logged here. Key West is the southern most point of the US. Mid June noon-sun has a higher solar irradiance than any place on the equator due to the sun being celestially at 23.4 degrees north. As a former Navigator Barrett knows these facts well.

Florida Keys wind & solar systems are studied so as to determine O&M costs. NOAA data shows winds to be statistically 10mph almost all days as the area is in the Easterly Trade wind belt.

Barrett initiated tropic environment materials tests in Key West in 2001. One such facility he worked on was the Historic Monroe Court House preservation program, to mitigate destructive mold growth on the lower brick courses.

Now more than ten years later, Barrett's work is still preventing mold growth and at the same time preserving the bricks and is 100% non-toxic to the environment.

US Navy R&D was conducted at Boca Chica Naval Air Station. This treated refrigeration unit is at the “Navigator” Tiki Lounge on the NAS. It also has gone over ten years in materials test well.

American Solar Wind Energy