Mercer Air Field, Georgia
April 10, 2004

T-29D Radar Navigation Trainer

I saw this group of abandoned planes on this defunked Georgia airstrip and drove to it. There was not even a phone number posted anywhere to contact any one as to these planes. I had a guy boost me onto the wing of the T-29 and I climbed into the fuselage through an emergency hatch. All the stuff I learned on to become a navigator was inside. The plane carried USN Unit designation DT-29 USN on it and the Bureau nav tail number as shown with a very small "N" number under the tail (which means it had a civilian registry too), and was also known as a version of the Convair C-131 aircraft type. It was badly deteriorated, by vandals and weathering. The overall appearance of all of the planes is that they are all in dire need of restoration help. I could not see any markings as to who ownes them. The T-29 should be saved for its unique value as a "NAV" trainer as the USN had only a few of these and I know of none on display with the radar nav stations, sextant ports and driftmeters and this plane has all of that.

Ron Barrett April 10, 2004

I would like to hear from anyone who has knowledge of this plane. I am interested in where it was stationed, the Unit, years used, navigation instruction manuals used in teaching these radar navs, pictures and crew members. Please contact me at:

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