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Field Testing Engineering Work

Ron Barrett has spent more than a decade conducting Renewable Energy (RE) engineering research, development & testing (RD&T) on materials and systems' O&M for solar and wind. Ron's RD&T lab and test facilities are in Central Missouri and Key West, Florida . See his work here.


American Solar Wind Energy

Adjunct Instructor

Air Force Navigators Association

Ret USAF Navigator-Bombardier

Field Testing Engineering Work


Key West

Working on "Laney Chouest"

Last Aviation Cadet

Evaluating the "Scat"

T-29D Radar Navigation Trainer

T-29 History Hill Aerospace Museum

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Globe Master Gods

Barrett's latest Field Engineering R&D        

As Chief Research Engineer of American Solar Wind Energy LLC (ASWE) TM Ron Barrett tests the SolarPhotoVoltaics, aerodynamics, structures, and electrical generation systems of the Advanced Compound Solar Savonius (ACSS TM ) models being prepared for manufacturing.

The ACSS's TM range from the current five-feet tall, upward. Similitude mathematics of scale and low Reynolds number turbulent vortical flow data are employed through out the testing. The largest ACSS TM is to be 32 feet. All are of the vertical axis wind turbine type with integrated SolarPV, designed for residential and farm use. Electrical power out put is to be both DC & AC.

As a Field Engineer Barrett travels world wide conducting RD&T. Here Ron is at Edwards AFB/NASA Dryden Flight Test Center conducting historical flight data and airfoil research. 
Additionally Barrett as Historian and President of the Air Force Navigators Observers Association (AFNOA). Ron collects information for the AF Navigators’ Comprehensive History (AFNCH) which he created, edited and provided to the USAF/HO and AFNOA members. The AFNCH is a comprehensive compilation of more than 11,000 pdf pages of Navigator training, flight, and historical manuals, and related documents dating from 1903 to present.

T-29D Radar Navigation Trainer

April 10, 2004 Barrett photographs a T-29D Radar Navigation Trainer on Mercer Air Field, Georgia.

T-29 History

Ron Barrett evaluating the application of a hydrofoil ATC-Glass performance coating on the world's speed record holder for trimaran hydrofoils, Dr. Sam Brandfield's "Scat" in Key West, Florida.
Ron Barrett working high up on the newest, largest anchor and supply ship "Laney Chouest" in Galliano, Louisiana.
Retired Officer, and "The Last Aviation Cadet in the USAF" Ron Barrett with a "quad pack" of B-28 Nuclear Bombs used for crew training. Barrett flew nuclear weapons support for over 3,000 hours, transporting these type of weapons to USAF units all over the world.

Barrett is interested in hearing from any of his crewmates from the 7th Logistic Support Squadron "Special" The 7th LSS was a Logistics Support Squadron, based at Robins AFB, Ga and commanded out of Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio.

Ron Barrett

Barrett the author of Globe Master Gods, (© Ron Barrett) wrote the original manuscript in 1979. Over the years he wrote and published other works. Now it has come time to publish Globe Master Gods because it is an end of the millennium story.

Saudi Arabia

The Globe Master Gods could only be written by someone like Barrett, a flyer, who has traveled and worked in more than 40 lands, around the globe, Korea to Iceland, and lived on the economy for years in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is a former USAF Cadet, Navigator/Bombardier, international pilot instructor and multimedia communications lecturer. Today he creates interactive multimedia works for the WWW and CD/DVDS applications.

Ron is also a member of the Valiant Air Command Museum in Titusville, Florida

Ron Barrett, Adjunct Instructor teaching Solar & Wind Technicians courses at State Fair Community College in Sedalia, MO.


"Howdy boys, I'm helping Ron with applying bottom protective coating - so roll it over and let's get with the program."

Days in Key West

"Your BOAT fellow, your boat, roll your boat over!"

Barb sunnin on the beach.

Jack and Ron enjoying an evening sunset on the canal in back of the house, at-on Summerland Key Airport, US mile marker 27. Jack is a great working companion of mine. He has lived in the lower Keys for decades.  

Jack's front yard, with a C-172 on take off roll.
Yep the front yard is the runway!

Summerland Key, 24N latitude work area. Here I test new materials in tropical conditions.

Fun time in Key West is going to breakfast at the
docks. Lots of locals come in their dinghies and
spend the morning catching up on fishing and
marine issues.